It's Time For Ameobi To Become A TRUE Striker

01 July 2011 10:19
Shola Ameobi wants to get back into European football. Seen by many as an 'under-achiever', will this be the year the 29-year-old becomes a TRUE Premiership striker? Shola Ameobi: “We know we can get the big results – especially at home. “We showed that last season with our result against some of the teams who have been right up there at the top end. "It is another tough season for me but a very important one for the football club. “We achieved what we set out to do last season and we done it with time to spare in the end. "That was great for us, but the aims for next season will be different again and we will look to kick on. “Home form will be important for us and that’s one thing all of the lads want to improve on. “For me, it is always a great challenge being here. “I will be looking to stay fit and to play in as many games as I can. You always want to contribute in that way, but I will be looking to add to the goals I already have here. “I have played in the Champions League which was great, and you always want to get back. “Perhaps when I was younger I took it for granted and it would be every year. You have to work for it and thrive on it, otherwise why are we here?”