It Will ALWAYS Be A 'Nut House' With Ashley!

09 December 2011 11:21
Alan Pardew feels he has helped tone down Newcastle's "crazy" reputation ... but let's see if he gets through the January transfer window without blowing his top!

The man is doing a cracking job - especially as he has to deal with Mike Ashley's 'eccentric' ways.

What Pardew WANTS he doesn't always GET, and that puts pressure on the man.

He was promised the £35m transfer fee that Ashley got for Andy Carroll ... but as we all know ... he didn't get it.

Alan Pardew: "There have been more highs than lows. I've really enjoyed it.

"There were no doubts in my mind. It is such a huge club. Other managers were saying to me, 'You know what it is like there, it's a bit of a crazy club'. Well, we are not so crazy now. There isn't so much bad news coming out.

"It's about making sure we have a good product on the pitch for the fans. I think the fans appreciate our team.

"We have to get through this difficult period because of all the injuries but if we do we could have a great season.

"Easier than I thought? No, but the end product is probably as good as I would have hoped for in terms of where we are in the league.

"I'm not going to disguise that. Certainly it's been eventful and demanding. I would not expect anything else at a big club like this. I enjoy it.

"When you come into a club, it's important to make progress and we've managed to do that. I'm really happy with the team.

"In some ways, it feels like a long year after all the incidents, selling Andy Carroll and everything else. But in another way, it flashed by.

"As a club we have tried to do it the right way, tried to put a team on the pitch that plays in the right manner."


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