Is Pardew's Job More Difficult Than We Think?

17 February 2013 01:08
We all doubt the manager when things go wrong in a difficult season. The tactics; team selection; formation; and anything else that we all believe WE can "do better".

But Leeds boss Neil Warnock provided a different view of being a Premiership manager this weekend when he said: "I wouldn't take Roberto Mancini's job if it was handed to me on a plate".

Neil Warnock: "I don't think I'd be able to cope. I only had six months with the current type of Premier League players and I didn't enjoy that at all.

"I wouldn't like to have two teams where you've got 11 or 12 not in the team to deal with, who are world class players, who all think they should be in the team, who all their agents think they should be in the team. Good luck to them.

"I don't envy that at all. It's fabulous to have a team like that, but I don't envy the off-the-field things that you get.

"It's a major problem at the top clubs I think. I'd love to go up with Leeds, with a genuine bunch of lads, like we did at QPR - most of them are back in the team now - it's great to go up with a team like that.

"I think people like Mancini, and I'm not being disrespectful to him, need the financial support they've got.

"Like Mourinho. I don't think they could manage at Leeds in the current climate, or anywhere else other than top level, that's the way they are."

Perhaps we should remember that the next time we voice an opinion from the stands.

Source: Newcastle United Mad