Ireland Wants Contract - But Is He Good Enough?

21 April 2011 03:01
Stephen Ireland is desperate for a contract at Newcastle - but is he any better than what we have already? Stephen Ireland: "It's been really frustrating for me. I have not really had a manager who has wanted me to play and I have felt like an outcast for a while. "It's nice to be treated normally for once. I haven't had that in a while. "I have come here now and even through my injuries, they kept telling me, 'Listen, it's not a problem, just get yourself right'. "The loyalty they have shown me, I am going to repay that as much as I can. "It's been really frustrating, but it's all behind me now, thank God, and it's finally here. "It's finally come around that I can play and I just want to finish the season strongly and try to benefit the team in whatever way I can."