In A Week That Mourns Gary Speed's Suicide ...

04 December 2011 12:59
.Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has faced a storm of protest over comments on the subject.

Speed was found by his wife in his garage having hung himself, and the whole country has been asking the questiion "why?"

Clarkson has faced a storm of protest from mental health charities after he branded people who die by throwing themselves under trains as "selfish".

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of mental health charity Sane: "We are absolutely appalled at Jeremy Clarkson.

"He has obviously never experienced the agony of mind which drives people to such desperate acts.

"When gripped by such mental anguish people do not act rationally."

Clarkson, who was forced to apologise earlier this week after saying all striking workers should be shot, was embroiled in further controversy after he reiterated his view that those who commit suicide on railway lines cause "immense" disruption for commuters.

Jeremy Clarkson: "I have the deepest sympathy for anyone whose life is so mangled and messed up that they believe death's icy embrace will be better.

"However, every year around 200 people decide that the best way to go is by hurling themselves in front of a speeding train.

"In some ways they are right. This method has a 90% success rate and it's extremely quick.

"However, it is a very selfish way to go because the disruption it causes is immense. And think what it's like for the poor train driver who sees you lying on the line and can do absolutely nothing to avoid a collision."