I Wouldn't Pay Nile Ranger In Peanuts!

20 January 2013 06:12
What has Nile Ranger ever done for Newcastle apart from disgrace the club? Now he has a go at the fans!

Ranger sent this out on his Twitter account:-

‘Certain fans need to not come and support this team…Coming out to BOOO usStay at homeDon’t nee ur BOO’s…SAY NO MORE!!!’

‘Not my confidence…BOO all u want :)’

‘Last thing from me…To all the fans. U are not forced to buy season ticketsOr pay our wagesPlease remember that…’

‘If you are loyal fansBe with usWhen we are out there on the fieldBe the 12th manDon’t come and BOOThat aint going to help any1′

‘Team is going through rough patchLast thing we need is fans against us’

‘We are a TEAM u BOO 1 player…Ur booing all of us !!!’

We have won three of the last 18 games since Alan Pardew signed that infamous EIGHT YEAR contract.

The warning signs have been there since the first day of the season . and the fans have had enough.

Ranger is a KNOBHEAD - always has been - always will be.

A waster picking up big money and giving NUFC nothing in return.

Those fans were filling St James' Park long before Ranger set foot in this club, and they will still be there long after the Plod finally catch up with him and put him in the slammer.


Source: Newcastle United Mad