Hughton's Black Book Goes In The Fire

16 October 2010 02:28
Chris Hughton cannot understand why Newcastle have struggled against poor sides. He told us at the start of the season he had a list of games he regarded as "must win". Blackpool and Stoke must have been on it. Chris Hughton: "When we came back into this division, we knew it wasn't going to be easy, but we are where we are. "We are a team that was relegated over a year ago which had a very good season last season - but we know there are going to be ups and downs when you look at the quality in this division. "The most important thing for us is coping with the defeats. We are a side which went through a season last season where we didn't have too many defeats. "We knew we would have defeats this season and it is how you respond and bounce back from those defeats which is going to be a really important aspect of our game. "When you see Blackpool getting a result at Liverpool and West Brom getting a result at Arsenal, they are picking up points that perhaps they didn't think they were going to. "Over a season, it's fair to say that it is about the points you will pick up against a group of teams, but probably at the moment, that's not fact."