Hughton - 'We Are All Fighting For Something'

20 March 2013 01:52
Norwich manager Chris Hughton has told his players to take care of Premier League survival themselves.

Wigan's win over Newcastle on Sunday saw the gap between Norwich and the relegation zone cut to seven points ahead of their trip to the DW Stadium after the international break.

Hughton insists Norwich - who have lost only once in seven league games, but with five draws - must just concentrate on doing their own job rather than what might happen elsewhere.

Chris Hughton: "We have continually said the 40-point mark is where we want to get to and others have said it might be less, but I think if you start looking at less than that there are too many teams around us and below us.

"I am still adamant that our thought process has to be around that 40 point mark.

"If you think less than that then football has a habit of smacking you in the face.

"We have tough games, four at home and four away. Everybody in this division is fighting for something.

"You see the series of games over the weekend and that was definitely the case, they are all big games.

"We just need to get those points to end up where we feel we deserve to be."

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1  Manchester United  29  38  74  2  Manchester City  29  25  59  3  Chelsea  29  28  55  4  Tottenham Hotspur  30  14  54  5  Arsenal  29  23  50  6  Everton  29  11  48  7  Liverpool  30  18  45  8  West Bromwich Albion  30  2  44  9  Swansea City  30  2  40  10  Fulham  29  -4  36  11  Stoke City  30  -8  34  12  Norwich City  30  -18  34  13  Newcastle United  30  -11  33  14  West Ham United  29  -11  33  15  Sunderland  30  -9  31  16  Southampton  30  -10  31  17  Aston Villa  30  -25  30  18  Wigan Athletic  29  -21  27  19  Reading  30  -22  23  20  Queens Park Rangers  30  -22  23 



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Chelsea (H)Reading (A)West Ham (H)Swansea (A)West Brom (H)Tottenham (A)Sunderland (A)Stoke (H)


Liverpool (H)Stoke (A)Fulham (H)Man Utd (A)Sunderland (H)Norwich (A)Chelsea (H)Wigan (A)


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