Hughton 'Bursting With Pride'

06 April 2010 09:25
Chris Hughton has told his players they deserve to be back in the Barclays Premier League. Chris Hughton: "We deserve to be in the Premier League - we didn't at the end of last season because our position didn't lie. "But we have earned the right to be back in there and I think this club deserves to be there. "You have achievements as a player which you will always remember; I have been involved as a coach in my time at Tottenham where we have won things. "But in a managerial position, this is my first achievement and it's a very, very proud moment for me." Kevin Blackwell: "I hope the hierarchy here look at the job he has done, understand the job that needed to be done, and he has done it. "British managers now, in my opinion, don't get an opportunity to manage, and I hope Chris is given the time and the opportunity. "Make no bones about it, Newcastle have got to invest to go into the Premier League because once again, coming up they will still be one of the glamour sides. "They will have to invest in players, but I hope Chris is given that and given time and given patience. "He has shown that he can manage a big club like Newcastle, and I hope he is given the chance because he has worked his socks off to get there."