Hey Swansea That's Wor Cup!

28 February 2013 01:27
Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins has vowed his club will throw everything into the Europa League, and has hit out at other teams for treating the competition as second-rate.

The Swans will compete in Europe next season after winning the Capital One Cup on Sunday and, if they get through the qualifying stages, will have to cope with the demands of extra fixtures.

And hopefully . we will be the holders when they start their journey next season.

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has admitted the Magpies have found it difficult to balance their European and domestic responsibilities this season, while other club bosses have criticised what they consider to be a bloated format.

Huw Jenkins: "I don’t think anyone at our club will be talking about having too many games to play or too much travelling because it’s something we should all be proud of and really happy we’re taking part in Europe.

"There are a lot of managers within the Premier League that talk a load of rubbish at times and it’s sad that a lot of people listen to them.

‘"t’s my view. They should be pleased and privileged to be in the position they’re in and should enjoy every second of being a manager and a professional footballer. That’s how simple it should be."

All very well Mr Chairman, but let's see what happens next season when Swansea are representing ENGLAND in the competition.

It could be very interesting. Considering the Welsh boys didn't want the National Anthem played at Wembley last week.

I can GUARANTEE the shit will hit the fan at any fixture that has a flag of St George connected to their club.

There is always one alternative of course . let them play in the Welsh League!



Source: Newcastle United Mad