HATCHET MAN: Shear madness - Newcastle's knight in shining armour seems to have surrendered already

08 May 2009 12:40
Alan Shearer may have donned his armour and attempted a white knight  impression at Newcastle but he is acting like he always knew saving the club from relegation was a lost cause.

As the team head for the critical Tyne-Tees derby against Middlesbrough on Monday, the unconvincing stand-in manager has told friends he wants to stay in charge of the club next season.

The league they are in is apparently immaterial and that says it all.

Oh well, there's always next year: Alan Shearer waves bye-bye to the Premier League

Shearer seems to have been laying the foundations for a new regime since he arrived, preparing to take charge on a long-term basis while taking just two points from five games.

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Telling Michael Owen he is the man to fire them to safety then leaving him out of the team didn't do it. A new code of conduct and a stand against the recidivist Joey Barton are not  the answers either.

Shearer could have shown he is a disciplinarian so much more effectively if he had left the Match of the Day studio when time was still on his side.

He could have taken the job a lot earlier and tried to make his mark. Instead, he has come in when the blame for relegation cannot be pinned on him and started looking towards next season.

Shearer wants Newcastle to survive, of course, but he doesn't seem to have any idea of how to make that happen and thinking beyond the next three matches certainly won't do it.


Source: Daily_Mail