HATCHET MAN: No wonder Duff wants to stay at Newcastle, who else would pay him £70,000 a week?

26 May 2009 09:51
Damien Duff's 'loyal' pledge to stay at Newcastle and fight to take the club back to the Barclays Premier League ticks all the right PR boxes. The Republic of Ireland winger must feel awful after scoring the own goal which took the club down into the Championship and may well want to make amends. But as one of the best paid players at the club on £70,000 a week,unless he agrees to a voluntary wage cut, it is the sort of gesture Newcastle could do without. Duff has a couple of years left on his bloated contract and at 30 years old, with a history of injury problems, he would never get such a good deal anywhere  else. So it is a little wonder he wants to stay. Newcastle's problem is not trying to keep hold of their squad. In fact, if Alan Shearer stays in charge getting rid of most of them without bankrupting the club will be a priority. But with far too many players on Duff (style) deals, the chances of the club doing that are slim.

Source: Daily_Mail