HATCHET MAN: As chopper Ashley prepares a Newcastle cull he needs Shearer to keep the Toon Army onsi

27 May 2009 09:19
Mike Ashley apologises to Newcastle fans and the staff his club are set to lay-off before jumping into his helicopter. Alan Shearer has a word in Michael Owen's shell-like The owner says relegation to the Championship has been 'a catastrophe', so  why  is he still travelling around to crunch talks with Alan Shearer like the Cockney playboy the fans have come to loathe? Ashley's image is truly awful and he seems to become less likable by the minute. Even admitting to mistakes during his rein doesn't cut it because it is too little, too late. He should try telling the fans something they don't know because the grovelling just looks like a brazen attempt to keep them on side for the tough times ahead. Only delivering Shearer as manager will pacify supporters now and the rookie boss (who has shown no genius in the job yet) should ask for the world in negotiations because Ashley has absolutely no room to manoeuvre.  

Source: Daily_Mail