Has Bramble Become The Player Sir Bobby Predicted?

14 February 2011 11:46
Sir Bobby Robson signed Titus Bramble for £5m from Ipswich Town, and he stuck by the defender through thick and thin. But Titus was never the full article at St James' Park. Titus Bramble: "Sir Bobby was a fantastic manager. A "long with Steve Bruce, those two guys are the best managers by a million miles I have worked under. They are great man managers and a joy to work under. "Sir Bobby has made a massive impact on my career. Every time Sir Bobby spoke, you would listen because of what he has achieved. "When he speaks you listen. He would pull you to one side and you would listen. Those things are in my head and I will remember those things forever. "I could tell many stories about my time with Bobby. "I was a young man at Newcastle, I was a kid, and coming from a small town like Ipswich to a club the size of Newcastle, with a massive fan base, was a lot of pressure.  "It was a great night life and I enjoyed that as a 20-year-old more than the football. But Sir Bobby was a massive help for me, he helped me to understand that I was there as a footballer, to play football. There were other things that I will remember which will stay between me and him. "Day to day with Bobby would be great, he would regularly forget your name and he would lift up his arm slowly, point and ramble while he remembered. "Someone would have to help him. When I first signed he would call me Corty (Carl Cort) or Shola (Ameobi). It was a great laugh and a great time to work with him."