Has Ben Arfa's Reputation Been Tarnished?

24 June 2012 12:33
With (allegedly) Arsenal and Chelsea looking at Newcastle's wonder kid Hatem Ben Arfa . did his bust up with the French coach harm his reputation . or do we LOVE bad boys?

Ben Arfa was furious at being substituted during the match with Sweden, and spent the debriefing in the changing room on the phone to his family while the French coach was lacing into the players for the shock defeat.

Laurent Blanc had strong words to say to Ben Arfa and the Toon player answered back: "If you want me to go home - send me home!"

So it was no surprise the winger played no part in France's quarter final match with Spain.

Has his outburst harmed his international future? Personally I would say "yes", but I don't think it will harm his future in the Premiership.

After all, isn't it full of deva's? It even seems to enhance a player's reputation if they 'give an opinion'.

Look at Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli . the biggest DIVA in the game.

He delivered a typically bizarre performance as he addressed the media on the eve of the Euro 2012 quarter-final with England, claiming he was "more of a man than Peter Pan."

The controversial Italian forward is in contention to start against England after coming off the bench to score against the Republic of Ireland on Monday.

There was no shock on Saturday when Balotelli stressed his determination to get the better of team-mates Joe Hart, James Milner and Joleon Lescott in the Kiev meeting at the Olympic Stadium.

But some of the answers when bombarded by questions from the Italian media were off the wall and led to bouts of laughter.

Balotelli was asked to discuss the claims of his agent that he is the Peter Pan of Italian football, which came in the wake of team-mate Daniele de Rossi admitting he thought Balotelli was growing up.

Balotelli: "These are two metaphors for Mario the person not Mario the footballer.

"I think I'm a man but I don't think I need to say it. Mino said I'm Peter Pan because he wants to make people laugh.

"But I could be Peter Pan because I do things my own way and I'm a bit free.

"I could be Peter Pan but I think I'm more of a man than Peter Pan.

"It was an important goal I scored against Ireland because I hadn't got on the scoresheet in the past two games.

"You said I was having a problem putting the ball in the net but I didn't have any psychological problems. There is no mental block there at all.

"The national side has always meant a lot to me since when I was a kid. That is normal.

"In the first few games I was very emotional because it was my first European Championships so that is normal.

"I was bit worked up because I hadn't scored a goal.I wasn't angry, I didn't have problems with the squad.

"I'm fine. The only thing was that I didn't score a goal.

"I hope it will be a good match and it will be fun playing against my Manchester City team-mates.

"They know me and I know them. I just hope it is going to be fun but I want to win even if they are my team-mates and put in a good performance and I hope they will lose.

"All the players at Manchester City in the England side are my friends, Milner, Hart, Lescott.

"I hope we win the game and I mean it with all my heart and soul."


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