Has Anything Changed After Cup Tie?

31 August 2013 11:27
Alan Pardew says the victory over Morecambe in the League Cup could be the turning point of the season. But was it ground-breaking in any way? It wasn't even the first team out there!

We were playing Fourth Division (if you're an old bugger like me who still uses the term) Morecambe . and it took a hell of a struggle to beat them.

However, Pardew's problems can be eased by victory over Fulham today.

Newcastle were backed by 1,800 fans at the Globe Arena, who endured a long journey home to Tyneside after a less-than-convincing performance.

Pardew wants to reward them with the club's first Premier League win of the season this afternoon.

"I think the fans were brilliant against West Ham, and then at Morecambe," added Pardew.

"Yes, it was Morecambe's biggest crowd, but half of them were supporting Newcastle. I want to thank them for that.

"What we hope today is we repay that journey. It wasn't the best journey, or the best journey home. We need a win for them today."


Source: Newcastle United Mad