Gutierrez Tells Carroll Not To Listen To Nolan

20 November 2010 01:28
Jonas Gutierrez says Kevin Nolan is wrong to tell Andy Carroll to get his hair cut. Jonas Gutierrez: “He has a big opportunity now after his England cap. “He has a big future in English football. “If he is clever and starts to learn about the great footballers here in England and around Europe and studies them, he can be a really, really good player. “I like his hair. I hear Kevin Nolan has told him to get his hair cut, but I say no Andy keep it long. When I came here he had really short hair, then he saw me and he wanted to look as good as me. “Now he has got great hair, nice and long and he looks as good as me! It is better for a footballer to have long hair. Now he looks a bit South American! No, he should never get it cut. “I know the story of Samson and look what happened to him when he cut his hair. He lost all his strength. I never cut my hair just in case, the same with Andy.”