Gutierrez Says Players Don't Share Pardew's Views On Europe!

02 October 2012 03:37
Jonas Gutierrez says Europe is a major priority for the players . even though Alan Pardew says it is well down his list.

The Argentine winger insists he wants to lift the Europa League trophy.

Jonas Gutierrez: "Europe is very important to us. We worked hard to get there last season and we want to do well. It means extra matches, but whatever game you are playing in the shirt of Newcastle, you want to win.

"You want to do it right for the club. That is the most important thing - we don't care what team we play against, or what competition we are in, we just want to do things right and win as many games as we can. That's why we are here, to try to win the games.

"It's good for the manager to have that type of contract.

"It's important to have the manager and a lot of the players on long-term deals because it shows what is going on at the club - that they want to keep all of the players and try to make a big group, with players and staff as well.

"I think it is really important for the club, and it is reassuring for us as players as well. It helps everyone to know that they (the board) have the confidence in the manager. That is a big point for us.

"Maybe nobody expected that Newcastle were going to finish in that position last season. He (Pardew) is doing a great job and when he won the manager of the year, he deserved that.

"He did a really good job, but in football you cannot think about the past - you have to think about the present. Like all the players and the staff, he is focused on this season now too. We have to try to do the same or better than last season.

"It's a big week for us, with Bordeaux and Manchester United, but that is the way it has been this year.

"They have all felt like pretty big weeks. The problem is that we are getting a lot of players with injuries and that is obviously not ideal.

"It is a big, big problem for us, with all the matches we are having to play. When you don't have all the players available, it's hard for the manager to prepare the team and hard for the players because we don't have that big a squad.

"Steven Taylor has become the latest player to have to go off, and it's hard. But we have to keep going and keep focused on the jobs we have to do for the team."