Gutierrez Says 42 Points Will Keep Us Safe

04 April 2011 01:03
Jonas Gutierrez says 42 points is the safety point in the Premiership. Jonas Gutierrez: "We need a few more points and the quicker we can get them, the better. "I think three points will be enough to give us another year in the Premier League, and then we will see where we are and where we can go. "But the most important thing now is to get to 42 points, which should keep us in the Premier League. "We couldn't afford to lose this game. We worked hard, we played good football, we did the right things, we scored many goals and we defended properly, so we are really happy with the whole team. "It was really important because of the last nine games, we had won only one. "The teams at the bottom of the table had come closer to us and we needed to win. At home, it's important, so we really enjoyed the win."


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