Gutierrez: 'Changing Managers So Often Is Crazy'!

21 December 2010 04:33
Jonas Gutierrez says he is enjoying the new training methods of Alan Pardew. Jonas Gutierrez: “If a manager doesn’t stay a long time, it’s because the players aren’t doing things really well. “We hope he stays here a long time. “That’s what all the players want, because if he stays, we’re in a good position and doing the right things. “It was disappointing about Chris, but that’s football. “I didn’t think it was the moment (for Hughton to be dismissed), but we can’t do anything about it, and we have to stay with the new manager, and work hard for him. "We have to go up in the league, and take more points. “In the first year that I came here, we had four managers. “That is a crazy way to go. The second year was really quiet. “We hope this one is the same as last year, and not like the first one.”