Give Me Pardew's Attitude To Lambert's Anytime!

04 March 2013 07:50
Paul Lambert senses his players have no fear of being involved in a Premier League relegation battle; meanwhile Alan Pardew insists "WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN!

Everytime Lambert faces the TV cameras, he looks like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights of a ten ton truck.

He shits his pants. The Villa fans have no belief in him, and  don't think his players do either.

On the other hand, Alan Pardew actually looks as though he knows what he is talking about.

Paul Lambert: "The thing we'll see is the players are up for it, that is for sure.

"I don't see them being frightened or a lack of confidence or anything like that at all.

"I never get a sense on the training ground that it has been really down.

"I can't argue the last few weeks with the way they've been playing. They've given it a right good go.

"I've not sensed they are scared at all. They've got to embrace the challenge.

"I think if you go the other way you will get frightened by it and I don't think there is any reason to be frightened by it.

"The club has been in and around it for three years. It's nothing new. But you have to look forward and think you are going to get out of it.

"You have to believe this is going to be a brand new dawn. It has to be, otherwise there's no point being here. You have to change it.

"You have to stay in the league, to keep believing what you are doing is right, keep focusing on your beliefs and I'll never deviate from that."

"I think the finances in the Premier League are vast and everyone wants to be in the Premier League.

"I don't know look at it and think you want to be in because of financial reasons but because it is the best league, the best stadia. Everything about the Premier League is fantastic."

Alan Pardew: "I don't worry about this team.

"It is strong and it is just disappointing when you don't get anything and that is what our overriding emotion will be after this game.

"But we are a strong side, you can see that. To come here and play as well as we did and boss Swansea in the second half, not many teams can do that.

"They are a good team and you don't win the League Cup and have the season they are having without being a good side.

"They have great individual players, they are a good unit and a well educated side and we did really well against them and it is galling we did not get anything."

Source: Newcastle United Mad