Gazza Wants To Go On 'I'm A Celebrity Ge Me Out Of Here!'

14 March 2013 11:14
Paul Gascoigne has revealed that he is interested in appearing in I'm a Celebrity. Ge Me Out of Here!

The former Toon midfielder - who recently completed a rehab stint in the US for addiction to alcohol - said he was offered a spot on the ITV show a few years ago.

Paul Gascoigne: "They asked a while back, but I wasn't right and said no.

"When sober, I'm up for anything, but when drinking, I don't want to do anything.

"I won't say what they offered, as other celebrities would complain they weren't given as much. But it was a lot.

"I've no problem eating insects, and now I'd be there like a shot."

"I discussed a survival TV show with Vinnie Jones.

"Vinnie asked if I want to go on to an island with just him, a gun and fishing rod.

"It would be good, but I'm not sure about letting him have a gun. He was bad enough when he grabbed my b*llocks, let alone a shotgun.

"It would be just me and him. I said I don't mind that, Vinnie, but it won't be like f**king Brokeback Mountain. He told me to f**k off.

"I'm ready for anything. It's coming up to a month sober.

"It's a start and I'll look for new challenges. I don't need to do this because I need the fame or money. It's that I'll enjoy the challenge.

"It's about staying sensible, keeping motivated, enjoying support from my family and attending AA.

"If I look after myself, I'll be okay. I might have another drink in me, but I don't know if I've got another recovery."

Gascoigne's former wife Sheryl Gascoigne was a contestant on the tenth series of I'm a Celebrity last year.

Source: Newcastle United Mad