Former Toon Star Hits Out At Moaning Wenger

04 May 2011 12:48
Former Toon defender Stuart Pearce has singled out Arsene Wenger as being the only manager to ever give him grief over his selection policy for the England Under-21 team. Stuart Pearce: "Over a four-year period, I have only ever heard Arsene Wenger's name mentioned in respect to my selection. "Two years ago, I had the same conversation about Theo Walcott before an Under-21 tournament, Wenger asking if he really needed to go. "The proviso was then that there was a World Cup coming up in South Africa and he (Theo Walcott) would be burnt out. "Then Theo didn't make the squad for South Africa. "We talk about burnout and I have to bring my own experiences as a player to the fore. "By the time I was 21, I had played 250 non-League games. I then played until I was 40. I played a full set of internationals. I probably played 1,000 matches in my career. "What I can tell these young players or senior ones is: play football - it says it in your contract. "That's your job title, that's what everybody knows you for. The beauty I have with Wilshere is that he loves football. He reminds me of (Paul) Gascoigne." REMAINING PREMIERSHIP FIXTURES Saturday 07th May 2011   Aston Villa  v  Wigan Athletic 15:00 Bolton Wanderers  v  Sunderland 15:00 Everton  v  Manchester City 15:00 Newcastle United  v  Birmingham City 15:00 West Ham United  v  Blackburn Rovers 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur  v  Blackpool 17:30  Sunday 08th May 2011   Wolverhampton Wanderers  v  West Bromwich Albion 12:00 Stoke City  v  Arsenal 14:05 Manchester United  v  Chelsea 16:10  Monday 09th May 2011   Fulham  v  Liverpool 20:00  Tuesday 10th May 2011   Manchester City  v  Tottenham Hotspur 19:45  Saturday 14th May 2011   Blackburn Rovers  v  Manchester United 12:45 Blackpool  v  Bolton Wanderers 12:45 Sunderland  v  Wolverhampton Wanderers 12:45 West Bromwich Albion  v  Everton 12:45 Manchester City  v  Stoke City 15:00  Sunday 15th May 2011   Chelsea  v  Newcastle United 13:30 Arsenal  v  Aston Villa 16:00 Birmingham City  v  Fulham 16:00 Liverpool  v  Tottenham Hotspur 16:00 Wigan Athletic  v  West Ham United 16:00  Tuesday 17th May 2011   Manchester City  v  Stoke City 19:45  Sunday 22nd May 2011   Aston Villa  v  Liverpool 16:00 Bolton Wanderers  v  Manchester City 16:00 Everton  v  Chelsea 16:00 Fulham  v  Arsenal 16:00 Manchester United  v  Blackpool 16:00 Newcastle United  v  West Bromwich Albion 16:00 Stoke City  v  Wigan Athletic 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur  v  Birmingham City 16:00 West Ham United  v  Sunderland 16:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers  v  Blackburn Rovers 16:00  MAGPIES IN EUROPE "Magpies In Europe" is available NOW! Sports Journalist Richie Everson: "At last a book that the fabulous Newcastle United fans can relate to. It's informative, all the facts and figures are there, plus the 120 match reports from all the fixtures . but it is the articles by the supporters that amazed me. "I went to many of those games, and this is the only book I can honestly say 'hits the nail on the head'! "Yes we know the results and the scorers, but some of the facts in this book had me so wrapped up in it I couldn't put it down. "Was Benny Arentoft cup-tied when he played in the final? Big Wyn and his battle with John McGrath; McFaul scoring a penalty when the crowd had gone home; the trouble in Palermo; it is all amazing stuff. "I would honestly give this book 10 out of 10." MAGPIES IN EUROPE From Antwerp to Zurich Price: £9.99 (including post) The book is available NOW!   Please include your address in a letter and send a cheque (or postal order) for £9.99 payable to Mr K Fletcher, to: 'MAGPIES IN EUROPE', K Fletcher, 5 Dunelm, Sacriston, Co Durham DH7 6NU. Or contact: