Former Toon Boss Says Man Utd Have 'No Chance'

27 May 2011 10:52
Former Toon boss Graeme Souness says the Barcelona team to play Man Utd on Saturday night are simply the "best side ever". Souness won three European Cup medals under Bob Paisley at Anfield. Graeme Souness: “I think they’re the best side ever and that, in Lionel Messi, they have got the best player ever. “It’s what you dream about. Everyone has come up with a plan to beat this team. There isn’t one. "What makes them so special is that they have players who, no matter you do to them to try to nullify them, always come up with an answer. "How can Manchester United mark him out of Saturday’s final? “Where do you start, where do you stop? "I don’t think you can mark him. Maybe 25 years ago, you could put someone physical there and then when he gets a yellow card, find someone else. "You can’t do that any more. He has got such quick feet that the ball seems to be a piece of elastic. And that’s when he’s sprinting. “When Liverpool were dominating this competition, the first thing we were told to get right was to get the ball back. “Barcelona will be on you like a swarm of bees. You can’t allow them to get their heads up and make cute, clever passes — they keep the ball in such tight areas that you have to have a really disciplined midfield. "If you can withstand that and get through the initial wave, that’s how you can hurt this team.”