Former Toon Boss 'I Feel Sorry For Referees'!

28 December 2012 03:08
Referees struggle to officiate at their best during the festive period . says a former Newcastle United boss.

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "This is a difficult period for referees.

"Why do they always seem to make more wrong decisions now?

"It's probably because they are overworked and they are fatigued.

"The system has to be looked at and in my opinion it's because they are fatigued. Referees are travelling all over the country and out in Europe and have been since the start of the season.

"There's not enough of them. They try their very best to get things consistently right. But it happens every year around this time of year, the controversy.

"We had a couple in our last game and there have been many throughout football over the Christmas period.

"Fatigue is everything in terms of decision making. Once it kicks in you lose the ability to make those decisions correctly.

"We've had professional refs for 12 years and the Premier League and PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) and Football Association should treble the budget and create an academy of referees.

"They need to ease the load on the referees we have. The game needs to move on and look at recruiting better refs from all avenues."

Source: Newcastle United Mad