Fans Meeting - Plenty Of Questions But No Answers!

24 June 2013 11:04
A coalition of fans and groups called Newcastle Fans United gathered at the Labour Club on Leazes Park Road on Monday evening . but was it a success?

The meeting was to discuss recent events at St James’s Park, and they actually invited Joe Kinnear.

Did he turn up?

Well . in a word "no" . but we got his "best mate" instead, and it wasn't good viewing (or listening).

Top of the agenda was the appointment of Kinnear as director of football, Derek Llambias’s resignation as managing director, and the turmoil the club appears to be in.

But, although there were many questions to answer, there was no-one to address them.

Two people represented the club - fresh out of nappies and apparently they were Sheff Wed and Boro supporters - and neither would take the microphone . for reasons that weren't made public.

So that obviously asked the question "what the hell are you doing here then?"

Supporters took their turn to offer a question, but to who? It was people of the same thought, preaching to the converted.

Then Kinnear's "mate", Eddie McEntire (former agent of Brazilian Mirandinha) took to the stage (well, actually it was the dance floor).

He explained, to much abuse, that "Joe wanted to come but he couldn't make it, so he sent me."

To which came the question: "Does he know you are speaking on his behalf?"

"Yes", came the reply.

But it was a mess best left alone. The guy meant well, but it didn't come across favouable for Mr Kinnear.

Apparently "Kinnear's book is the best selling football book EVER!" but not many in the audience believed him. And in the end Eddie saved his best until last "Get off his back and give him a chance."

Steve Wraith read out an e-mail from some guy who couldn't attend, suggesting Ashley was on the right track appointing Kinnear.

Each to their own, I'm sure.

In the end there was a show of hands, who wanted Mike Ashley out and those who wanted him to stay, and the vote was about 250 "out" and 3 "for him to stay".

If the club is going to have someone represents them, please give us someone who is willing to TALK, rather than two muppets wasting their own time, and ours!

But, at the end of the day, there is only ONE man with the answers.

And getting Ashley to utter a word is something no-one has been able to do to date, and I'm sure Newcastle Fans United - with every good will in the world - wish it was them.





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Gus Poyet is rumoured to become the NEXT Newcastle Utd manager. Another "close friend" of Spurs mad Mike Ashley, Poyet has the credentials.

You don't need to have been THAT successful . just be mates of Ashley!

Brighton released a statement on Sunday evening revealing Poyet's exit following a decision by the npower Championship club's internal disciplinary panel.

The statement claimed the club had informed Poyet of the decision, however, the stunned boss refuted that live on air after learning the news while acting as a pundit on the BBC for the Confederations Cup.

Poyet said he had received no communication from the club and that he had only become aware of the decision after BBC staff handed him a copy of the Brighton statement while on set during the first half of the match between Spain and Nigeria.

"I think the BBC have a great story forever, because a manager getting information that he is being released from his employment by the BBC is quite surprising," he said.

"I have had no communication, no texts, no e-mail. I didn't recieve anything on my phone so it is all up to you and the timing.

"The only thing I'm concentrating on is the appeal. I will appeal because it's the right thing to do."

The Uruguayan was immediately cut to become Newcastle's next manager by bookmakers - Sky Bet went in from 4/1 to 11/10, making him their new favourite to replace Alan Pardew.



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