FA Idiots Do It Again!

09 October 2012 06:50
If you are Manchester United or Arsenal . you can bend the FA around your little finger. Newcastle boss Alan Pardew called on the FA to take action against Van Persie, accusing the Dutchman of elbowing Cabaye during Manchester United's 3-0 away win.

The incident was not seen by referee Howard Webb and after reviewing video footage the FA have decided no further action needs to be taken against Van Persie.

Alan Pardue (on Sunday): "He has looked at Yohan and he has elbowed him, and I think that perhaps needs to be looked at, if I am honest.

"There's a bit of history from last year and I don't know if Robin has been caught up in that, but that was just a little bit unsavoury.

"I actually thought Yohan wouldn't have gone down if he hadn't done something.

"I didn't see it myself, but I have obviously seen it on the replay and it looks like he has looked at him and put his elbow there."