Ex-Toon Player 'Worst Tattoo In Football'?

13 October 2012 11:54
A fan's website has named the player with the WORST tattoos in football . and he used to play for us!

Don’t get me wrong – I think tattoos are cool when done tastefully and with at least a vague hint of subtlety – I even have one myself. But sometimes, people over do it. Footballers in particular, with their flashy cars, model girlfriends and grandiose abodes, often like to take tattoos to the next level which is surely a formula for disaster.

From a list of 15 tattoos in world football - whether it be through tired cliches, incorrectly spelled words or just simply ridiculous imagery - Steven Ireland topped the list.

We had him on loan from Aston Villa. He was injured when he signed - and injured when he left. But he was spotted down the Quayside . shirt off . showing his tattoos to the ladies.

Ah well . at least he had SOME use I suppose.