Ethel To 'Get Em Ooot' For The Toon!

19 July 2011 09:28
There are only a few occasions when the football neutral roots for Brazil to lose a match, but . . with the potential for lingerie model Larissa Riquelme to strip naked if her country wins the Copa America was one of them. Despite being favourites to progress to the semi-finals, the Samba Stars spectacularly crumbled in the penalty shoot-out after a 0-0 draw - and kept alive the possibility for one of South America's most sought-after football fans getting her kit off (again). Fortunately for Paraguay (and red-blooded males across the world) the Brazilians' attempts at converting from the spot went tits up – much like the view of a large section of the Paraguayan supporters. Next up Venezuela in the semi-finals. We asked if any Geordie lasses would get their "TITS OOOT" and fun loving Ethel (pictured below enjoying herself dooon the Bigg Market) said she would unleash her melons if Newcastle win their opening game against Arsenal. She will be found on stage at Trillions 10pm after the match. Fingers crossed, eh lads? .