Enrique Has More Ambition Than Ashley!

23 February 2011 12:36
Bob Moncur hit the nail on the head when he said: "When a player comes out and says they're ambitious you can't really have a go at them." Bob Moncur: "We’d all love to be playing in the Champions League, but what Jose needs to realise is that it’s Newcastle that have put him in the position which is now giving him the options. "Let’s be honest, when he first arrived at Newcastle he wasn’t the player he is at the moment. "Sure, he had the ability, but he’s come on a mile since then and he’s not the player who came across slow and a bit naive in his defending. "He’s got the pace and the body strength now and he gets forward to run at people. "For the rest of the season Jose should not let the possibility of leaving cloud his judgement or affect his game. "In some ways there are similarities between Jose and Andy Carroll leaving the club. "It’s part of the modern game, whether we like it or not, that players will leave for more money. "I spent 14 years at Newcastle United and there was a degree of intense loyalty in that. "Even then you had players that felt they could better themselves. "Malcolm Macdonald went to Arsenal and Pop Robson went to West Ham. "Any player who feels that a club is in midstream will try to go somewhere else. "If you are asking me where is better, then surely in terms of crowds, supporters, passion and atmosphere playing in front of 50,000 people every other week has got to be up there in not only the top five or six, but probably the top three. "That’s what Jose has to consider now because if it does go well, then Newcastle United would be at the top of a few people’s list."