Enrique Barcelona Rumours Are Quashed

08 July 2011 11:44
The rumours that Barcelona are after Jose Enrique were nothing more than a ploy to sell newspapers. Barca insist today: "We will not be trying to sign Enrique". Pardew today praised the defender's attitude . even though the player wants to be involved with a club playing Champions League football this coming season. Alan Pardew: “Jose just loves to play football. “His intention is to find a club that are playing Champions League football. The problem for us is that he only has a year left on his contract. “If he does stay and signs his contract then that’s great. If he doesn’t sign it then we have to see what happens. “I would love him to stay and sign it – it is a fantastic offer. “Until then there is nothing more to be said on the matter and we will just have to let the situation evolve. “Any football manager would want him to stay. “We have to do everything we can to persuade him this is the place to be and get him to sign that new contract.”  


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