England In Polish Farce!

16 October 2012 09:22
England's World Cup qualifier against Poland in Warsaw was postponed because of a waterlogged pitch in a FARCE that defied belief!

Heavy rain this afternoon and in the early evening rain left large pools of water straddled across the National Stadium . the Poles refused to close stadium roof!

FIFA officials and the match referee made a decision at the scheduled kick-off time of 8pm BST - and even though the game was never going to take place - they kept everyone waiting before making a final decision.

But players from both sides found it virtually impossible to pass the ball when warming up ahead of the Group H encounter.

Under FIFA rules, it has to be attempted to replay the game within 24 hours.

 England managing director Adrian Bevington: "Obviously we've been in there with the referee and the delegate and other officials from the Polish federation.

"The referee clearly has looked at the pitch in its current condition and it certainly doesn't look playable - understatement - in the current condition, but we've got to be guided by the officials in the end. They have to determine this.

"The most important thing for us is to get the game played on a pitch that is in suitable condition. The safety of the players is the most important element to it.

"As that pitch is at this moment in time you can't say that's a pitch that's playable in safe conditions."

Bevington said the squad would be ready to play tomorrow if necessary.