England Fan Puts British Pensioner In A Coma!

23 March 2013 01:58
A 65-year-old man is in a coma after a brawl between England football fans at a bar in Italy.

The British pensioner was injured as he was punched in the face and hit his head on the pavement when he fell outside the Bounty pub in Bologna.

Sky News reports that police were called to the scene and arrested Briton Matthew Mabey, 21, who is being held on suspicion of serious wounding.

The incident happened where dozens of England fans had gathered ahead of the journey to San Marino, 75 miles away, for the World Cup qualifier, which England won 8-0.

The BBC reports that Italian newspaper La Republicca said a group of at least seven football fans, who had been drinking, started fighting outside the bar in the Via delle Molie in the city.

It reported that the victim defended himself with a bar stool before being punched and hitting his head on the ground.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Italy on 21 March. We are providing consular assistance."

Source: Newcastle United Mad