Dropped For Not Wearing A Poppy? Well He Should Be!

11 November 2013 02:45
It's that time of year again . ex-Mackem James McClean is in the newspapers for refusing to wear a poppy on his shirt.

He plays out his career in England . but he'd rather be in Ireland.

So there's one simple answer to THAT problem, isn't there.

Piss off BACK to Ireland!

Wigan manager Owen Coyle has had to answer claims that McClean was dropped from the squad to face Yeovil on Sunday because he refused to wear a shirt embroidered with a poppy.

The Derry-born winger, who moved to the Latics from Sunderland in the summer, received death threats and faced a storm of criticism last year after opting to wear an unmarked shirt against Everton in the run-up to Remembrance Day.

He caused a storm with his IRA links last season, and it continues to make the news this campaign.

Rumours escalated on Sunday afternoon that the Republic of Ireland international had been dropped from the Wigan squad over the issue - but Coyle revealed he sustained a dead leg in training and had simply missed out due to injury.

Owen Coyle: "The only reason James McClean didn't play today because he was injured, it's as simple as that.

"He would certainly have been involved if he was fit. I'm never evasive and always up front, but I'm actually embarrassed that I'm getting asked that question in this day and age."

Source: Newcastle United Mad