Don't Expect Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa To Stay Long!

05 March 2013 07:31
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa says Newcastle United is "a stepping stone" in his career to play with "the best players".

The 23-year-old former Montpellier defender is one of ten French players in the Magpies squad, and is now working hard to earn a regular place in central defence.

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa: "It's a new league and a new team. It's not easy!

"There's good football here, and people are passionate about football.

"The fans live for their club, they're always behind their team and they do everything to help them perform as well as possible.

"There's also a great tactical culture and recognition for good bits of skill on the pitch, even defensive ones.

"There's everything I need here to thrive.

"Yohan Cabaye told us a lot of good things about Newcastle.

"Obviously, when someone you know talks about their experience in that way, it makes you want the same.

"Playing together all year round obviously lets you build an understanding on the pitch, and helps you to get to know one another better.

"If we then end up together at international level, that can certainly help the French national team.

"Even though I didn't get to go to the EURO, it was great for me just to have made it into the provisional squad.

"It gives me even more motivation to work hard every day, so that I can continue to be part of this adventure in the years to come.

"Without wishing to offend anyone, France are among the best teams in the world.

"My goal was to do everything I could to get my foot in the door of the French national team.

"Being a France international is, for me, a key ingredient for a great career, and that’s exactly what I want to have.

"I want to play with the best players and for big clubs, and this is one of the steps.

"At the moment I'm looking for the recipe to stay in shape and keep playing for as long as possible.

"I've already researched the secrets of some of the Manchester United players. Apparently, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and David Beckham do yoga and eat a lot of pasta with olive oil, but I'm still investigating!"


Source: Newcastle United Mad