Don't Believe Forest Boss - Toon Set For Premiership!

15 April 2010 01:01
Forest boss Billy Davies - still rattled after the Toon gave his promotion hopes a major kick in the balls at SJP - said the Magpies would have to spend £60m to stay in the top flight. Kevin Nolan insists Davies and all the other doubters are wrong, and Newcastle United can take the Premier League by storm next term. Kevin Nolan: "As a club we are all coming together as one now, and that's nice. "Hopefully with the supporters behind us we can take that into the last few games and into next season. "This is going to be a club that steadily climbs the ladder again. We have proved people wrong this season. "All those so-called experts gave us stick at the beginning of the season, but we are not finished yet. "The so-called experts are still knocking us, but we are not bothered by them. It's about us and making sure we do the right things. "We have proved a few doubters wrong this season and hopefully next season we will prove a few more wrong. "Hopefully this is a slow building process of Newcastle United. Hopefully I will be part of it." Meanwhile . Forest manager Billy Davies saw his side book their place in the top six with a 3-0 victory over Ipswich on Saturday and Davies is making preparations for the three play-off matches. But one thing is certain . if Forest go up he will be lucky to get 60p . never mind £60m to spend on players. And his words on Newcastle could come back and bite him on the arse!