Do We REALLY Have A Mackem Spy In The Camp?

11 December 2012 06:44
Alan Pardew has apologised to Newcastle United fans for boarding up the training ground.

The Toon boss ordered boards to be put up around United’s main training pitch ... because he fears a "spy is letting others know our secrets".

What I cannot understand is why a Newcastle fan would do that.

Could it be a Mackem?

Alan Pardew: “There is too much information going out of this training ground to the opposition and I am not going to have it any more.

“I don’t think I should be boarding up the training ground around my main pitch, which I have had to do.

“People are coming and looking through the fence and putting my team on the internet and giving it to the press.

"Therefore, what I have stopped is the real fans coming to get a view of us.

“That how I have to be, I am afraid.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad