Did Debuchy INTEND To Get Sent Off?

28 April 2013 11:31
I've known certain Newcastle United set out to get sent off when results were going sadly wrong - I could name names but I'm sure you know who they are.

For starters there was an ex-Man Utd player playing against his old team; and one ex-Man City "nutter" who got caught up in the moment and wanted an early bath.

Mathieu Debuchy was sent off for two yellow cards, and I'd swear that second yellow was in the back of his mind.

He was on a card, the referee had called him over and told him "enough is enough - one more and you're off!" . and guess what?

The ball was two yards away when he lunged in, and if ever there was a "get me off the pitch moment" - that was it!

Was it frustration; French temperament; or just a lack of respect for the team and the fans?

Personally I couldn't give a toss.

He showed more about himself in that tackle than anything he had done previous on the pitch.

When the going get tough . where do the French go?

Alan Shearer said it all on MOTD: "Pardew signed a load of French players in January and for the first month they looked the part. But since that month we haven't seen anything from the lot of them."



Source: Newcastle United Mad


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