Did Anyone Take This Seriously?

22 November 2013 02:46
Newcastle United have vetoed ideas for .

. installing slides outside St James' ParkIn February of this year, local company NE1 announced plans to install slides, or 'travel accelerators' as they called them, outside Newcastle United's ground.

I, for one, thought it was yet another Mike Ashley piss take, but NUFC insisted they were serious.Apparently the travel accelerators would have been installed by the side of the car park at the Gallowgate End.

Newcastle United own the land, but have now said that it is "no longer available for use" . which is a strange statement in itself.

United insist "the slides had been specifically designed to be situated around St James' Park".Well there you go - another mystery in the list of madness we have experienced under Mr Ashley.

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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