Di Canio To Bounce Back At West Ham?

13 November 2013 01:43
We've (NU-Mad) had an email from a West Ham fan asking the Geordie opinion on Fat Sam during his spell on Tyneside.

The Poor Little Hammer claims: "I'd take Di Canio tomorrow in place of Allardyce, at least he would teach the strikers how to score!"

I thought no Premiership team would touch Di Canio with a barge pole!

So we threw it open for debate on the message board.

Ex Pat Magpie: "At least Sam has proved himself to be durable in the Premiership managerial merry go round. Let's wait and see how many seasons it is before D1ckFannio picks up another premiership appointment."

Geordie_Exile_De: "Di Canio or Fat Sam. That's like asking "Which boIIock would you prefer to lose?""

Waalsendmick: "Di Canio or Fat Sam? Whilst Di Canio was a spectacular (and not unexpected) flop, Big Sam is the ONLY manager since I started watching the toon (when Arthur Cox was in charge) that I refused to pay to watch. I suffered under Smith, Gullit even Kinnear, but I drew the line at Allardyce. So I wouldn't blame any west ham fan for wanting that self obsessed prick out!

trinitoon: Di Canio or Fat Sam? I thought Di Canio would be a perfect fit for West Ham. They probably love him like we love Shearer.

"Had he done a gone job at the Scum, I would have said Di Fascio all day long. Win, lose or draw, they would have enjoyed their football and the atmosphere there would have been gladiatorial.

"As it turns out, Di Fascio was such a spectacular failure there and has been shown to be so impractically inept at handling the pressures of PL football (with his toe-curling "chin-up" gestures) and the dressing room bust-ups and superstitious edicts (no ice in your cola??? WTF?!?!?) that no one in their right minds will touch this madman again.

"Mind you, I'm sure many said that about Keane and look where he is now.

"As usual Fat Sham is being found out. So it is a marriage made in hell. They're welcome to each other. How much is their shoite football Sham's fault (a lot I suppose) and how much is it their board for their ridiculous transfer dealings.

"AC had previous so his fragility should have been no surprise. But not getting in a replacement for their resident donkey Carlton and then releasing him and then begging him to come back is like something that Uncle Joke would do."




Source: Newcastle United Mad


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