Demba Ba Looks To African Cup Of Nations

16 December 2011 06:35
Demba Ba admits it will be hard for him to leave the club and jet off to the African Cup of Nations.

Demba Ba: "It's going to be difficult, very difficult, because the season is still running and it just feels like you are going and the team is staying.

"It's going to be weird because it is going to be my first African Cup as well.

"But I just hope I don't go there for nothing.

"For me, for the whole country, for the whole team, we are just excited to be playing in this competition, and we are going to try to come back and make our country proud of us.

"Maybe a couple of people are surprised (at my form) - I know some are not because they know me, they know me very well.

"If people are surprised, hopefully I am just going to continue to surprise them."