Demba Ba: 'Bad Run Hasn't Unsettled Us'

26 December 2011 11:30
Newcastle United's in-form striker Demba Ba insists he is still not setting a goal target.

Demba Ba: "I don't really expect to score 10 or 15 or five or 20 goals - when I first came I just wanted to play, to have fun on the pitch, to show the whole club that the trust they put in me I was going to give it back.

"That's what has happened. I just have fun when I play, and think people see it on a Saturday or a Sunday."

"We have gone six league games without success but I don't think it has affected anybody in the team and personally, it hasn't affected me.

"When you look at the schedule, we have played three of the top teams and we could have got more from that.

"We just missed some of the little things that could have made a victory or something else.

"But it hasn't affected me and it hasn't affected the team, and we are just going to try to get back to winning."


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