De Jong Has Had Enough Of 'Wally With he Brolly' McClaren!

08 July 2012 12:25
Luuk De Jong has blasted FC Twente boss Steve McClaren for trying to price him out of a move away from the club.

As we all know, Newcastle and Borussia Monchengladbach have been in a battle to sign the striker.

Chairman Joop Munsterman . after talking to McClaren . has placed a £16million (€20m) price tag on Luuk De Jong's head.

Luuk De Jong: "I fell off my chair when I heard the words of Munsterman.

"There have been, in recent months, eight clubs from five countries interested in me.

"A number of those clubs approached us directly and at least three to Aldo van der Laan [Member of the Supervisory Board of Twente].

"I also heard Munsterman say that a transfer is negotiable only at €20million. This amount is inconsistent with the talks that were held this week between Monchengladbach, my agent Louis Laros and my father.

"I notified the club that I fully waive the 20%, but now Twente said that they also do not want this. I find this practice incredible. I thought this was a decent club to play for.

"The president said that players should get a fair chance, but the reality is different.

"I had heard from other players that the board of Twente negotiates in an indecent manner, and I never believed it. Now, unfortunately I have experienced this myself.

"Gladbach will be a new level for me and it's where I want to develop further, in view of the Dutch national team.

"All my competitors for the striker position in the Oranje play in foreign clubs in strong leagues.

"I hope Twente still honours the commitment. The club bought me three seasons ago for €900,000 and now in three years, it is €14million to get me.

"Such an amount is unprecedented in the Netherlands."



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