Davies Was Right - Forest Are NOT Good Enough!

30 March 2010 04:16
Yes . if ever there was a fella with "Little Man Syndrome" . it's Nottingham Forest boss Billy Davies. You know the sort . 4ft 2" and all full of wind and piss because he knows the big guys won't lamp him because he is "too small" . and he lives off it. Big in the gob - he said his side weren't good enough for the Premiership when they went second in the table at Christmas - and how the Forest fans got their knickers in a twist. So . after Newcastle gave his Forest side a football lesson and showed them what a Premiership side looks like . Davies was quick to concede that Newcastle will be playing in the Premier League next season, but refused to rule out his own side's chances of joining them. Davies: "I'm not admitting defeat, I am saying I think Newcastle United, in my opinion, will finish the job. "We've got a challenge for second place that is very much still on the go."