Danny 'The Dog': 'I't Football - Not X Factor'

24 November 2012 02:39
That little scamp, Danny Simpson, has shrugged off the front page headlines and insisted his focus on Newcastle United . NOT X-Factor.

Simpson’s relationship with X-Factor judge and former N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos had the gossip columns full this week.

Danny Simpson: “The manager’s been really supportive – everybody here has.

“They say what they want, but everybody around me knows the truth.

"Sometimes when all of that is going on around you, it’s the best time to play football.

“You go on the pitch, and you can forget about everything.

“If anything in the last couple of games, I’ve really enjoyed it.

"I feel like I’m getting back to my old self from last season. I’m pretty pleased with that.

“The fans are class – they always stick up for you when one of your players is going through a situation.

“They’re top fans, and it’s good when you come to your workplace and the fans, staff and players are around you.

“I have a lot of friends in football, and good people around me.

“The manager has been different class too.

"The main thing now is to play my part and play on Sunday at Southampton and get three points.

“The main aim when we got into the Europa League was to qualify.

“We’ve done that, but it would have been nice to win given the last couple of results at home. We wanted a clean sheet and to win.

“It was an opportunity to kick start the season.

“We got the goal, and we thought it would go well from there. It wasn’t meant to be again, and the second half was pretty poor, to be honest.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad