Daily Express Hammers Toon Fans!

08 April 2010 01:27
Yesterday we had a load of BOLLOX from the Daily Express saying Mike Ashley will "spend £15m in the transfer market" . although they could not give a scource for the article. Apparently they based it on the fact Birmingham City spent £15m when they were promoted. And what the f*** that has to do with Newcastle Utd, Mike Ashley, or the price of a pint . God only knows. Today Daily Express reporter Mick Dennis has come up with the headline: "Disloyal Newcastle fans still deluded!" Mick Dennis: "Since celebrating their promotion commendably early in the season, some Newcastle fans have been making worrying noises on phone-ins. "Nonsense about bringing back 'King Kev' Keegan or Alan Shearer as manager has started, along with tosh about Hughton not being the man to take the club to "the next level". "Newcastle were relegated by a point last May and might have stayed up but for the instability of having five managers in one campaign and the final, flawed idea of letting Shearer have a go. He delivered one win from eight games. But he is a Geordie and, as they keep telling the rest of us, Toon fans believe all Geordies are special. "Newcastle have sold only 81 per cent of their tickets this term, despite being top or near the top since the start. Twelve per cent of their alleged supporters deserted them in the Championship. Three clubs in the division have had fewer empty seats. "Those fans have not been especially loyal and, if they had a less deluded view of themselves, they might make a more realistic appraisal of the club." Obviously Mick Dennis has been to every Toon game this season and knows what he is talking about . or then again . perhaps he is just another Cockney tosser who talks about something he knows f*** all about. According to our "source" at the Daily Express, Dennis hasn't ventured more north than Watford, supported Chelsea in 2006 but moved his support to that other London club, Manchester United, last season. So if he wants to meet up with us at The Strawberry on Saturday (before the Blackpool game) so we can put forward OUR side of the story . let him get in touch. There you are YOU COCKNEY WANKER . the gauntlet has been thrown down! CONTACT ME:  Kevnumad@fsmail.net  


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