Could YOU Make It To Tuesday Afternoon Games?

09 December 2011 11:28
We are all dreaming of European football next season . but it could come at a cost. Like Tuesday afternoon fixtures!

Manchester United or Manchester City face the indignity of being shunted into a Tuesday afternoon slot for their Europa League campaign . and that is the worry for Toon supporters who live away from Tyneside.

Sir Alex Ferguson says he is "squirming" at the thought of spending 'Thursday nights on Channel Five' but they will probably have to wait until next week before finding out whether they will suffer the even greater indignity of being shunted into a Tuesday afternoon slot.

However, in confirming both they and City would be seeded for next Friday's last-32 draw, UEFA were creating a clash between the two clubs.

Competition regulations prevent any teams within a 31-mile radius of each other playing on the same day.

It is the same fate that befell Everton two years ago when they had a clash with Liverpool and were eventually ordered to play Sporting Lisbon on the Tuesday, with a 5.45pm kick-off.