Coloccini's Problems Have Not Gone Away

05 February 2013 06:45
Fabricio Coloccini released a statement last week to explain that he would not be trying to force a move away from the club until the summer transfer window.

But the player's problems continue, and for whatever reason . he WILL leave in the summer.

Fabricio Coloccini: "The last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about my future, but I am staying here.

"And of course I will give 100 per cent like I always do.

"I have been here five years and Newcastle has given me a lot and done a lot for me.

"I have to be true to the club. I will give 100 per cent.

"I love football and once I am on the pitch it is different. The problems I have are outside the pitch."

Speaking to Fox Sports in Argentina, transcribed by Taringa, the defender said that there's been a lot of lies spread in his home country and that he was never very close to signing for San Lorenzo.

But it was his FATHER doing the talking, and Coloccini DOES want to play for San Lorenzo.

The statement was a way of winning back the Toon fans, because he will be away as soon as is possible - and the Geordies know it.

Whether they understand it, is another thing. Why should he walk away and Newcastle lose out on a transfer fee between £5m to 10m?

On questions as to why he renewed his deal with Newcastle United last year, he said: "I had found a home to live in Newcastle, to be with my family.

"So I had already prepared everything to spend the 4 years I have left in Newcastle.

"After this, these problems arise and I decided to talk to the club to ask would they please let me go, I needed to be in Argentina.

"Today I am not thinking about what comes in May and June, because I want to focus squarely on Newcastle.

"I think I owe them that for what they have trusted in me these five years and I want to give my best in the field. And then, well, we'll see later.

"The idea of returning to Argentina, because I need to, remains."

Source: Newcastle United Mad