Cole Slaggs Off FA Idiots - And Forced To Apologise!

06 October 2012 12:31
It's supposed to be the best league in the world - run by a set of knob-heads!

Ashley Cole has apologised for his foul-mouthed outburst at the Football Association over his role in the John Terry racism case . but come on . all he did was tell the truth! The independent Football Association regulatory commission said there were discrepancies in Cole's initial statement to FA interviewers of what he heard Anton Ferdinand say to Terry compared to a later statement.

Cole responded on his official Twitter account on Friday afternoon: "Hahahahaa, well done #fa I lied did I, #BUNCHOFTW*TS".

It was re-tweeted more than 19,000 times before he deleted it.

In a statement released on Friday afternoon, Cole said: "I had just finished training and saw the captions on the TV screens in the treatment rooms about what was said in the FA Commission ruling about me.

"I was really upset and tweeted my feelings in the heat of the moment. I apologise unreservedly for my comment about the FA."

Cole, who has 98 caps for England, put a question mark over his future with the national team after his Twitter outburst.

The FA have not responded but it's understood that Cole has no intention of calling time on his England career - he is in the squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Poland.