Cisse The New Jesus Christ?

01 October 2012 01:14
John Hardisty, 64, of Benton, Newcastle, has created a 8ft stained glass window dedicated to Newcastle United in his shed - with Papiss Cisse as "Jesus Christ".

He got the idea to create the window after fans protested when the club’s stadium St James’ Park was renamed the ‘Sports Direct Arena’ last November.

(Papiss Cisse - pictured right)

Mr Hardisty: "I saw the reaction of fans outside St James’ Park when it was announced that it was going to be renamed. Then I saw this guy holding a protest poster, which he’d made out of felt-tip pen.

"It said: “Football is my religion. St James’ Park is my church”. My idea came from that really. Football, especially Newcastle United, is a form of religion up here.

"I saw some images on the internet and started to draw my own from there. It took about two months for me to draw and then create the window.

"I put striker Papiss Demba Cissé at the top as Jesus Christ on the cross and then the rest as the disciples’.

"It’s all symbolic, but fun as well,"


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